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Degradable Bags

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What are eco-friendly bags

Environmental bags are made in such a way that its material can biodegrade which is a process by which organic substances are broken down by the enzymes produced by living organisms.

What eco-friendly bags are made of?

Eco-friendly bags can be made from many different sources and materials such as starch based polymers, polyesters (bacteria based polymers), starch or polyester blends, oxo-biodegradable polymers, photodegradable polymers and water-soluble polymers.

Biodegradable plastic bags

Biodegradable plastic bags degrade in a short time when disposed of in special landfills by the action of bacteria, some of the common forms of biodegradable bags include: kitchen waste and refuse bags, bin liners, carrier bags and standard bags.

Differences between degradable and biodegradable

We say that something degrade when very large molecules are broken into smaller molecules or fragments aerobically, that means oxygen is incorporated into these molecular fragments. As the molecules become much smaller they become weak and likely to break as a result of oxidative degradation.

Biodegradation instead is the process by which microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or algae, convert materials into biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

So the main differences between 'degradable' and 'biodegradable' are first: heat, moisture and/or UV exposure most often causes the degradation of a degradable product, whereas microorganisms degrade a biodegradable product and second: degradable products tend to take much longer to break down into carbon dioxide, biomass and water.

When degradable plastics break down into smaller molecules, eventually they will be small enough to be consumed by microorganisms and so biodegradation occurs. In essence then, all degradable films will eventually biodegrade but at different speeds.

For those that care about the environment, there are biodegradable alternatives to polythene for practically every type of packaging, be sure to check our recommended suppliers for more options.

Biodegradable Bags

The following websites concentrate on the supply of biodegradable bags

Biodegradable Bags 2u
Biodegradable Bags 2u offers selected information, top suppliers and manufactures of biodegradable packaging with a wide range of products to help you keep the environment.

Discount Biodegradable Bags
All your questions about biodegradable bags and degradable plastics answered plus the best discount prices and deals on biodegradable bags and other environmentally friendly packaging.

Biodegradable Bags 2u
For all your compost bags, degradable bags and biodegradable bags visit Biodegradable Bags 2u, a specialist wholesale supplier of eco-packaging. Find solutions for all your biodegradable bags needs.

Discount Biodegradable Bags
Buy discount biodegradable bags from a selection of top UK suppliers and manufacturers. All at low costs and with bulk buy discounts.

Starch Bags
If you need suitable rubbish bags to use on your compost filed visit Starch Bags a website dedicated to compost-bags with discounted prices for all degradable packaging needs.

Biodegradable Plastic
Biodegradable Plastic aims to help the conscious user of packaging understand the options available for regular packaging. Find out more about biodegradable plastics and buy from selected wholesale suppliers and manufacturers.

Manufacturers of biodegradable packaging

Polybags - Eco packaging
Polybags now manufacture and stock a wide range of eco-friendly green packaging products to suit your needs and help towards a better environment. These include kitchen waste and refuse bags, bin liners, carrier bags and standard bags.

Environmentally friendly bags and packaging

The following are websites selling or giving information on where to buy many ranges of environmentally friendly packaging including biodegradable bags but also covering other green packaging suck as biodegradable void fill for protecting goods in transit.

Environmental Bags
Environmental Bags is a specialist supplier and manufacturer of eco-friendly packaging. With a big range of biodegradable products to suit all your eco-packaging needs, all provided straight from the manufacturer.

Environmentally Friendly Bags
For all your needs for environmentally friendly packaging, choose from a selection of top UK suppliers and manufacturers of eco-friendly packaging with low prices and a wide range of packaging products.

Eco Bag
If you need an alternative to regular polythene packaging Eco Bag is the right place to go. With lots of options available on eco-friendly bags sold at manufacturers prices to help you save money and the environment.

Enviro Bag
Enviro Bag is a wholesale supplier of high quality environmentally-friendly packaging. Provides a selection of suppliers and manufactures of green packaging. Cut the middle man and buy straight from the manufacturer.

Compost Bags

These sites give information and advice on where to buy compost bags for gardening, disposing of household waste in an eco-friendly manner or for specialist green waste disposal such as for dog waste.

Compo Bag
If you need to dispose of rubbish in compost fields and need to know more about the packaging options visit Compo Bag a specialist in compostable bags and eco-friendly packaging. Buy compo-bags direct from the manufacturer at low costs and save money.

Compost Bag
For all your compost bag needs visit Compost Bag. CompostBag is dedicated to find selected information about environmentally-friendly packaging, providing wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of cheap, high-quality compost bags.

Degradable bags and Recycled bags

Some environmentally responsible manufacturers offer the facility to re-use recycled polymer from reclaimed plastic bags to make the majority of their products (non-recycled polymer is known as virgin polymer). Another alternative to purely biodegradable bags made from natural products such as starch is the use of degradable bags where an additive helps break down a polythene bag quicker than usual. The following sites give more information on recycling polythene bags and degradable plastic bags.

Degradable Bags
Degradable Bags is a specialist in degradable packaging with great prices and discounts on environmental bags. Find degradable solutions including bin liners and refuse sacks, carrier bags and starch-based packaging.

Recycled Bags
To show your interest in helping towards the environment, recycled bags are also a good choice. Find all the information you need on types of plastic materials that can be recycled and you need to buy choose from selected suppliers of quality, low cost recycled bags.

Research & Resources

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